Five Key Recommendations for Services Marketers

Recent QLM surveys have revealed that more services organizations than ever before are planning Webinars over the next year. That means the competition is increasing for the attention of your prospects with these types of offers. Thus, it is critical to understand and use best practices that leading services organizations of all types and sizes have found profitable.

Key Recommendations for Success with Services Webinars

Some key recommendations for marketing success with services Webinars are:

1. Build Your Email List of Your Target Buyers – Permission Marketing is not just for building an opt-in, email list, although that is a big part of it. Getting prospects onto your list at different stages of the information gathering or buying process will open the door to many more potential buyers and help you build a large marketing list. Email marketing offers a fast, cheap, and effective way to reach prospects, clients, or influencers. Those services firms that build and cultivate a relatively large email list will lower their cost of conversion and be able to create sales quickly through aggressive email marketing campaigns.

2. Match Your Webinar(s) to Your Specific Marketing or Sales Objective(s) – Generally, the narrower the objectives for a Webinar the more likely it is to succeed. Those services businesses that are able to be disciplined about matching their Webinar Programs to their objectives, and focus on topics and marketing plans that will get the attention of their target audience (potential buyers for their services) will greatly increase the odds of success.

3. (Make and) Deliver on the Big Promise of Your Webinar – Often services Webinars fail to achieve their objectives because they don’t try to make an impact with the topic and marketing, or the content fails to match the level of effective marketing. Those services Webinars that both make and deliver on the “big promise” of the Webinar have the potential to be blockbuster events.

4. Think “Lead-to-Sales” Conversion – Services companies in general can be guilty of not wanting to “bother” prospects, figuring they will follow-up and set appointments on their own if they are interested in a service. In today’s busy world where your prospects are likely exposed to a minimum of 3,000 advertising messages per day, this is simply not true. A multi-step, follow-up plan can help your organization cut through the daily clutter and win business away from competitors!

5. Use Recordings as You Build Your Program – One of the many benefits of Webinars is their ability to be easily recorded and marketed online through email. website, and web marketing. Take advantage of this potential asset for months, or even years, after the live Webinar, and your organization will generate 20% or more leads and fees from a single Webinar program.


More services organizations than ever before are taking advantage of online marketing technologies such as Webinars. Organizations are also increasing the average number of Webinars they hold. Webinars are allowing marketers to reach more prospects and deliver more, qualified leads to sales. This White Paper has presented some insights into how to get more leads and sales from your own services Webinars.

Try some of the best practices put forth here and reap the rewards in your own organization!

A Quantum Leap Marketing White Paper
A Companion to the Cutting Edge Marketing Webinar Series
About the Author
Bob Hanson is the President of lead generation and conversion consultancy Quantum Leap Marketing and creator of the Must-See Webinars TMsuccess system. He has also published a recent guide to online lead generation, the “What’s Working Now in B-to-BLead Generation Guide: Success with New Media: Webinars and Goog/e Ads.”