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Since our story began in 2008, WebAttract has evolved into a professional production services, advisory services, and training organization of webinar experts.  We are absolutely passionate in enabling our clients to attract, engage and convert more of their prospects into new customers, while helping them retain current ones to become their true customer advocates.

What has really changed over the last several years, is recognizing that today’s webinar attendees aren’t necessarily “sales ready” to buy now; instead they are often on a journey to get better educated.  That’s where we make you and your speakers shine.  We work closely with our clients to ensure they are able to tell a great story with demonstrable business outcomes.  Done right, this will inspire your attendees to want to learn more and continue the conversation after the webinar, which is when the real “selling” should begin.

We believe webinars are a mini theatrical event built around 5 key acts.  Think of a live radio show, but with pictures.  We’ve had a front row seat to work with hundreds of speakers and companies across many sectors and industries.  Our production team gets excited to engage our audiences.  Our producers and moderators always strive to uncover something new and unique to showcase about each webinar client.

Webinars are so much more than buying a webinar platform license, throwing together a presentation, and hoping people show up.  We know exactly what to do before, during and after the webinar, and we’ve done it for many emerging and global brands and media publications.  Our extremely thorough process allows you to run your webinar without a hitch, so you can arrive fully prepared, deliver a flawless presentation, and have a solid follow-up system set in place to deliver results.

We accomplish this with our proven WebinarReady™ methodology, best practices and actionable metrics to benchmark and predict a successful commercial outcome while delighting your audience.

Whether you are a marketing or sales professional, or have responsibilities for using webinars for demand generation, internal training or sales demos, we’re here to help.   We can be your outsourced production partner and help you plan, produce and manage all of the moving parts across the webinar life cycle.  If you’d rather produce a webinar yourself, we can provide you with expert coaching via our online training course to become a Certified Master Webinar Producer.

We’ve been a reliable partner for major and emerging brands including Bosch, Campus Management, Cox Automotive, DHL Supply Chain Logistics, DJO Global, Elsevier – Knovel, Sandstone Global Team Building, and many more.  We’ve also been a trusted partner with media publishers such as Directions Media, Desktop Engineering, InsideGNSS and Internet Retailer.

Please spend as much time on our site as possible. See our work, check out our best practice videos, eBooks, our blog, read what our clients say about us, and discover what we can do for you.  If you’d like to learn more on how we can help you achieve your webinar demand generation goals, click on this link to book a 30 minute complimentary introductory meeting or call our co-founder and executive webinar producer, Mike Agron, at 1.916.804.4703.

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