Quick Insight Videos

Since our incpetion, we have produced a series of quick insight videos covering the most frequently asked questions for tips on producing and hosting successful webinars. The most recent series was edited from an interview between noted business expert and radio talk show host, Barry Moltz, and WebAttract co-founder and executive webinar producer, Mike Agron.

What to do BEFORE the webinar

Planning for a smooth webinar production is the most critical part of producing a webinar. In this series of short videos, learn how to get out of the gate with everything you need to be successful.

What to do DURING the webinar

Webinars inspire the audience to want to learn more. Learn how to keep the audience engaged during the webinar so they’ll want to have a conversation with you after the webinar.

What to do AFTER the webinar

Congratulations, your webinar was a success! Now the real work begins. Learn how to follow up with prospects after the webinar and convert them into being your customers and advocates.

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