The Webinar Kick-off Meeting Checklist

Hosting a Webinar Kick-off Meeting is one of the most important critical factors for webinar success.

Whether it’s done in-person or virtually, it helps build trust amongst each person, especially if the production team is able to participate.  It’s so important to take the time to meet and get everyone up to speed, get their buy-in, and more importantly, establish yourself as the project champion or producer as the leader.  This is your opportunity to get everyone motivated so they’ll take ownership of their roles and responsibilities (remember they, like you, also have a day job).  A bonus is to get the speakers to join and participate during the kickoff, too.

Below are some key tasks to help you better prepare for the meeting as well as some good agenda items to discuss, and what to do following the meeting to ensure your on track to deliver a successful webinar.

The Webinar Kick-off Meeting Checklist

The Webinar Kick-off Meeting Checklist contains guidelines for meeting preparation, meeting agenda, and post-meeting action items. If you take care of all the smallest details ahead of time, you’ll keep last minute fire drills to a minimum.

I have completed these tasks in preparation for the webinar kick-off meeting…

♦ Identify ensemble and key stakeholders to attend meeting
♦ Set date, time, location for kick-off meeting (in-person or GoToMeeting)
♦ Prepare agenda for the meeting
♦ Send out kick-off meeting invitation

We will discuss the following agenda items at the kick-off meeting…

♦ Identify the key players and the main contact who will have approval responsibility
♦ Identify business objectives and outcomes for Webinar event
♦ Discuss key messages, working title, and content ideas for event
♦ Discuss and select webinar format (case study, tutorial, etc.)
♦ Identify speaker(s), panelists, moderator, etc.
♦ Arrange to get speaker bios, logos, head shots, etc.
♦ Confirm dates for Table Read, Rehearsals, & Go Live Date
♦ Discuss the strategy and execution plan for nurturing sales leads after the webinar

Following the webinar kick-off meeting, I have completed these tasks…

♦ Get commitment from speakers for specific meeting dates/times
♦ Email meeting notes to entire team
♦ Update project plan with milestone dates
♦ Set up GoToWebinar® platform page
♦ Collect all the marketing artwork: logo, speaker photos and brief bio for invitation and registration landing page

For more information, please check out my free e-book, WebinarReady and/or Module 1 of our Master Webinar Producer Training Course.

Here’s to your webinar success!