The WebinarReady™ Master Webinar Producer Training Course

Now You Can Plan and Execute Your Own Webinars Using WebAttract’s Proven Methodology

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“For the first time, we are opening up our webinar playbook…

We’ll show you how we’ve produced, moderated and supported over 500 top-notch webinars. We know exactly what to do before, during and after the webinar to convert attendees into customers and now we’re sharing that knowledge with you.”

Mike Agron, Co-Founder & Executive Webinar Producer, WebAttract

What’s included in the WebinarReady™ Course?

Here are the deliverables you receive once you invest in this course:

  • WebAttract’s proven WebinarReady™ methodology with best practices and metrics to get more leads, prospects, and sales
  • Eight 45-60-minute, step-by-step videos that walk you through every step of the WebinarReady™ webinar production process
  • Student handouts that contain real-world exercises, checklists, and ready-to-use templates
  • Access to the professional learning management system where you can easily watch the videos, complete the handouts, take the quizzes and keep track of your progress in the course
  • A 30 minute 1:1 coaching session with an experienced WebAttract webinar producer

  • A WebinarReady™ Master Webinar Producer Certificate that shows the world you have the knowledge and skills to produce successful webinars
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What You’ll Learn – Your Complete WebinarReady™ Course Outline

Each of the 8 videos covers the following key topics:

  • An introduction to demand generation webinars – take a theatrical approach
  • Define webinar objectives and desired outcomes
  • Start project plan and identify your team
  • Address technology considerations
  • Hold a kickoff meeting and set the tone
  • Select a winning “must have” topic that connects
  • Develop the target audience profile to align with your topic and value proposition
  • Define your demographics – industries, job titles, geography
  • Size and source your audience to go beyond your house list
  • Five attributes for creating engaging email invitations that compels the recipient to register
  • Connect the invitation to the landing registration page
  • Optimize data integration between webinar platform, CRM and marketing automation tools
  • Prepare to execute your email campaign by creating the schedule of touchpoints
  • Craft effective email subject lines to increase open rates of your invitations
  • Test and launch your email and social media campaigns
  • How metrics benchmark and drive successful registration goals
  • Gather and convert data into actionable intelligence – create a dashboard to track daily campaign metrics
  • Use metrics to diagnose and supercharge your outcomes
  • Gather the team for a Table Read to brainstorm messaging, timing and flow to align with invitation deliverables
  • Prepare for the first dress rehearsal
  • Optimize webinar audio to connect with your audience
  • Perform the initial walk-through in the first dress rehearsal
  • The second dress rehearsal – coach your speakers to sound natural and authentic, prepare for the Q&A session
  • The final sound check – critical items one hour before Go Live!
  • What to do on Go Live! day
  • What to do immediately following the webinar (archiving recording and thank you emails)
  • Prepare the final metrics and analytics
  • Convert the analytics into actionable sales follow-up
  • How measure webinar success and get ready for the next one!

Pick the Right WebinarReady™ Track For You

Your WebinarReady™ Guarantee

If you purchase this WebinarReady™ course and implement it, but do not get the results you want, simply let us know, and we’ll immediately refund your investment.

*One time payment per user for a perpetual license. Please contact us for group licensing rates.

Here’s What Other Marketing Professionals Are Saying About WebinarReady™

“WebAttract has taken their proven techniques and turned them into what is easily the most comprehensive webinar training available. If you’re merely ‘winging’ your webinars (as most marketers are), you’ll quickly find that there’s vast room for improvement. This course cuts through the buzzwords and flashiness to give you a practical and repeatable framework for engaging your audiences with webinars.”
Nis Frome, Director of Marketing at Alpha UX
“The modules are jam-packed with information! I found myself watching the different sections multiple times and finding more nuggets along the way!”
Megan Peitz, Ingenuity Ambassador at Sawtooth Software
“I’ve been in the webinar production business for almost a decade and this is the first time I have seen webinar production taught so comprehensively. When you are finished with the WebinarReady course, you will be equipped with a roadmap that takes you from webinar concept to final execution. WebAttract leaves no stone unturned. I highly recommend this course to budding webinar producers and those who wish to handle webinars in-house.”
Matt Bovell, Webinar Producer and President, Vell Group, LLC
“When I started to produce webinars there was nothing available in print nor online to teach me what I needed to know to become a successful webinar producer. It was over a lot of trial and error that I was able to figure it out. I wish the WebinarReady course was available when I started out, as it would have saved me a lot of time in learning how to create polished webinars.”
Anthony Salas, Sponsorship Program Manager, American Marketing Association
“With my new knowledge I’ve learned how to make the entire webinar process smoother as well as how to track what works and doesn’t work in my marketing campaigns. I’ve noticed an increase in the number of people registered for my webinars and I feel more confident in my strategies for before, during and after the webinar.”
Chris Frandsen, Customer Success Manager, AIPMM

Frequently Asked Questions

WebinarReady is WebAttract’s proven methodology, a practical and repeatable framework for producing webinars.  A webinar is considered WebinarReady when all the moving parts and logistics have been seamlessly coordinated to provide an engaging event with predictable outcomes that meet or exceed your commercial goals as well as add value to your audience.  It can also help you develop webinars for other use cases such as customer retention, sales demos or training.
A marketing, sales or demand generation professional that understands how to attract and engage audiences that are often on a journey to become better educated before they are ready to make a purchasing decision or have a sales conversation.  A Master Webinar Producer is skilled at using a deadline driven methodology, best practices and metrics across the webinar life cycle to produce webinars with predictable commercial outcomes while adding value to their audience. They know what to do before, during and after the webinar while balancing the business drivers, logistics, human factors and technology considerations, including how to use actionable life cycle intelligence and key webinar metrics to identify which attendees are sales ready, need more nurturing or simply aren’t a good fit.
No. This course has been uniquely developed and is only offered by WebAttract.
The course is a step-by-step training that covers every aspect of planning, delivering and hosting a successful webinar that is made up of 8 online training videos, exercises, quizzes, bonus material and live coaching.  You will learn our proven methodology and best practices to plan, attract and engage your audience before and during the webinar.  After the webinar you’ll learn how to use key life cycle intelligence and actionable metrics to begin to convert your audience into sales ready leads or segment those that need more nurturing, etc.

For a more detailed overview, please review Your Complete WebinarReady Course Outline above.

The lead instructor is Mike Agron, executive webinar producer and WebAttract co-founder, along with other members of the Executive Production Team.  All instructors are passionate webinar professionals and have a strong enterprise background including sales, business development, product management, training, and curriculum development.  To learn more, please check out their bios on the Executive Production Team page.
In order to become a Certified Master Webinar Producer, you must complete all eight modules and pass all eight quizzes in the WebinarReady™ Master Webinar Producer Track.

This course is for anyone looking to get better results from webinars. Whether you’re a do-it-yourself entrepreneur, sales & marketing professional, or responsible for demand generation using webinars, you can use this course for producing highly successful webinars that attract, engage and convert attendees into becoming your customers.

You will receive a certificate you can display on your wall as well as a medallion to include on your social media profiles such as LinkedIn, etc.
As with any training or new set of skills, the more you apply them the better the outcomes will be.  This training will begin to payoff with knowledge gained from the successful completion of each module.  The goal is to ensure the knowledge transfer will give you the tools, based on the methodology, best practices and use of metrics, to plan your next webinar with greater confidence to know what to do before, during and after the webinar to meet your commercial goals while adding value to your audience.  Plus you’ll have access to our instructors to be your coach to help you manage across the webinar life cycle.
To become certified as a Master Webinar Producer, you must enroll in the WebinarReady™ Master Webinar Producer track and successfully complete all 8 modules including the exercises and quizzes.  You also have the option of enrolling in shorter tracks that focus specifically on Attracting the Right Audience, Engaging Your Audience, or Converting Your Audience.

For more information on the various offerings and pricing scenarios, see the Pick the Right WebinarReady™ Track For You section above.

Whether you are a seasoned webinar professional, looking to gain additional skills, or have never produced a webinar and don’t know where to start, these courses will boost your knowledge and professionalism for successful producing and delivering webinars.

The webinar is a staple as a demand generation tactic, yet not all webinars are created equal.  A successful webinar will not only help you convert more attendees into customers, it will also boost your organizations brand and thought leadership.  Conversely, a poorly planned and executed webinar can damage your brand and cost you more than lost business as it can also reflect poorly on your companies reputation.

These courses will also provide you with professional development to help your career by making you more valuable and stand out against the rest of the pack.

The course licenses are single use only. Commercial licenses are available upon request. Contact us to discuss your situation for licensing options and how we can customize these courses to suit the unique needs of your organization.  We’re totally committed to you and your companies success, so let’s talk.
The course is hosted in a professional learning management system called LearnUpon. Once you purchase the course, you will get access to the LearnUpon portal where you can easily watch the videos, complete the student exercises, take the quizzes, and keep track of your progress.
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