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Production and Advisory Services

WebAttract’s done-for-you webinar service handles everything that must happen before, during, and after your webinar to ensure you meet your commercial outcomes while adding value to your audience.

Webinars are a mini theatrical event broken down into 5 specific Acts.  From the time you say “let’s go” until we “go live”, most demand generation webinars take about 8 weeks to produce and deliver.  During this time, you’ll receive full support including invitation design, email marketing, speaker coaching, metrics before, during and after the webinar, technology support, and more. If you want to run your next webinar without a hitch, use our services just like many of the emerging and global brands and media publishers who were “blown away” by our:

Deadline Driven Methodology

Deadline Driven Methodology

 that starts 8 weeks before your go live! webinar date in order to ensure you meet your commercial goals while adding value to your audience
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Passionate Production Team

Passionate Production Team

with a proven track record of using webinar best practices across the entire webinar life cycle—before, during, and after the webinar—to attract and engage your attendees
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Actionable Use of Key Metrics

Actionable Use of Key Metrics

as predictors to know if your are on track for a successful webinar, what to do if you’re not, and insights to convert more prospects into customers
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Whether your goal is to use webinars to attract fresh new leads, promote brand awareness, or express thought leadership, retain existing customers, or provide internal sales training, you’re in the right place. Since 2008, we’ve been a reliable partner for major and emerging brands including Bosch, Campus Management, Cox Automotive, DHL, DJO Global, Dymax, Elsevier – Knovel, Sandstone Global Team Building, and many others.  We’ve also been a trusted partner with media publishers such as Directions Media, Desktop Engineering, InsideGNSS Magazine and Internet Retailer Magazine. Because of our expert performance and results, time and time again, many of our clients use our services for more than one webinar.

Deliver an engaging and positive experience for your audience with our help. Get started by downloading our services brochure and scheduling a complimentary 30 minute introductory meeting with our co-founder and executive webinar producer, Mike Agron.

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How We Work With You: The Five Webinar Acts

A full services demand generation webinar that goes beyond your house list to attract a fresh new audience takes about 8 weeks from the time you say “lets go” to “go live” to deliver.  We know that you and your speakers are busy people and have a “day job”.  We respect everyone’s time and only invite the speakers to attend certain meetings we call Table Reads and Dress Rehearsals.  Furthermore, we structure and conduct meetings as efficiently as possible by having a clear agenda established with clear goals and outcomes sent out in advance of each session.

The following outline identifies the key activities in the Five Webinar Acts for how we collaborate with you and your speakers over the course of eight weeks to produce and deliver a polished demand generation webinar:


webattract webinar lifecycle timeline

Define Webinar Objectives and Desired Outcomes, Establish Roles, Address Technology Considerations, Familiarize Your Team With the Entire Process

  • Once we establish the go live date, you are assigned a dedicated production team, consisting of one logistics and one content producer serving your account. This team is your point of contact and manages your account throughout the entire webinar life cycle — including before, during, and immediately after each webinar.
  • We’ll then host a kickoff meeting to create a formal Statement of Work that aligns with your objectives, value proposition, what’s going on in your industry, who your speakers will be, and what you consider to be the success factors of your webinar.  Our goal is to serve you and make sure you are successful in achieving your webinar demand generation goals.
  • During the kickoff, we’ll cover the methodology, describe our best practices and how we use key metrics/analytics to provide a predictable outcome.  Our producers will spend as much time as necessary so you know what to expect with all the details of the process.
  • We end the meeting with a clear work plan that identifies key planning dates, milestones and deliverables, so our team and your team know exactly what to do next.

Select a Winning Topic, Define Your Audience, Create Invitations & Landing Pages, Execute Your Campaign, and Gather Life Cycle Intelligence

  • We start our collaboration by selecting a winning topic, value proposition and webinar format that will attract and engage your desired audience to see that your webinar as a “must have” event to attend.
  • In parallel, to go beyond your “house list”, we start to source your audience contacts by identifying/prioritizing key industry segments, titles and job functions, revenue thresholds, number of employees, and geographic location for optimizing attracting the target audience.  We can include your house list as well as any suppression lists to the overall campaign.
  • We develop the webinar invitation in collaboration with you and, once approved, create an HTML invitation and registration landing page following your branding guidelines. We send the invitation through exhaustive testing for content, look and feel, and functionality in addition to making sure that it passes a comprehensive email and Spam test.
  • We begin an email campaign that commences 2.5 – 3 weeks prior to Act IV’s “Go Live!”  We usually send between 4 to 5 well-timed email blasts to maximize registration outcomes. Prior to sending the first email blast, we’ll submit a series of subject lines that will be modified for each blast.
  • Throughout the email campaign, we start daily tracking of key email and webinar metrics, collect profile information on registrants, including the source of the registration, etc.  These metrics tell us early on if we’re on track, as well as diagnose and make corrections as needed.
  • We manage the entire email marketing process, including handling all bounces and unsubscribes, etc.
  • Starting right after the first email blast, you’ll receive a detailed registration report of all data collected from each registrant with a narrative reviewing the findings of key information and metrics.  We continue to provide updates after each touchpoint up until we go live, at which time you’ll receive a final set of metrics and analytics so you can begin to convert your attendees from prospects into customers.
Brainstorm Content Development, Hold Table Reads & Dress Rehearsals, Complete Sound Checks to Optimize Webinar Audio and Make Sure Your Speakers Shine

  • When the webinar invitation and email campaign is ready to be executed (which is about 4 weeks into the 8 week cycle), our production team hosts the Table Read to brainstorm on how the content needs to be presented to keep the audience attentive and inspired.
  • This “brainstorming” meeting includes your team and speakers with the goal of having them vet the webinar invitation so they know what is expected of them and how to shine on webinar day.  Your speakers are busy people and we schedule meetings with them several weeks in advance so they are able to show up and give it their all during these important sessions.
  • The skilled WebAttract moderator discusses best practices for structuring the webinar flow, including recommendations and coaching for creating visuals.  We also determine who will host, facilitate and move the slides on webinar day, etc.
  • Key registration life cycle intelligence, such as the personas of people registering along with what they want to learn from this webinar is shared with the speakers so they are able to give the audience value information.
  • We really want your speakers to sound authentic and use their passion to inspire the audience.  Unlike a live in-person event, a webinar which is virtual requires different types of preparation and practice.  Showing up and winging it doesn’t work.
  • In addition to the Table Read, a minimum of 2 Dress Rehearsals is scheduled several weeks in advance, and these are more than a cursory technical dry run.  We work with your speakers to help them find their natural voice so they’ll connect with the audience and deliver on what was promised.
  • Audio is the Achilles Heel of all webinars and we’ll spend a few minutes during each Dress Rehearsal doing some sound checks to make sure the speakers will be optimally miked when the curtain goes up on webinar day.
  • In the first dress rehearsal, we develop online polls to engage the audience, determine a clear call to action at the end of the webinar, practice prioritizing how to facilitate the live Ask the Experts Panel as well as develop the post webinar survey.
  • The final dress rehearsal is a timed read, polishing of the slide deck, finalization of any online polls used in the webinar, and our moderator makes sure the speakers understand their cues, etc.
  • To keep your speakers in the know, we continue to share updates any new life cycle intelligence collected from the email marketing registration campaign.

Complete the Final Sound Check, Final Walk Through of Slides, Polls and Survey, Review Your Plan B, Go Live!, and Debrief

  • We meet with you and your speakers 1 hour prior to the “Go Live!” time and have a thorough review including any last minute updates to the presentation and polls.
  • Our moderator will do a final sound check on all of the speakers and tests out the internal chat function so the speakers and staff can continue to have a private conversation with each other. Each speaker will have an opportunity to test that they can advance their slides, and we’ll do a final review for how to prioritize questions during the Q&A section.
  • In the unlikely event of a technology challenge, the moderator reviews our Plan B so everyone will know what to do if they lose audio, can’t advance their slides, etc.
  • The moderator reminds all non-speaking organizers to mute themselves and instructs the speakers to turn off any applications that have a chime in them, as well as silence all phones and any other devices.
  • Test recordings are made and a person is assigned to also capture a redundant back-up recording.
  • We’re live! At the top of hour, the WebAttract moderator will say “quiet on the set”,  start the recording, welcome the audience, review housekeeping, and introduce the speakers.
  • Immediately following the end of the webinar, all organizers and speakers are invited to have a 10-minute debrief to review the experience and review high-level metrics on final registration, attendance, retention, etc. and get back to their day jobs.

Send Thank You Emails, Edit & Archive Webinar Recording, Prepare the Final Analytics & Convert Into Actionable Sales Follow Up, and Measure Your Webinar’s Success 

  • We edit the recording by deleting out any imperfections, unnecessary chatter (housekeeping instructions, etc.), excessive “umms” and “ahas”,  and then archive the webinar recording to track On Demand Viewings. You will also receive an edited file for use and distribution on your own channels.
  • We deliver post-webinar marketing materials, including thank-you emails for no-shows and attendees with links to other assets as well as invite them to continue the conversation with you.
  • You receive a final detailed set of email and webinar analytics covering what happened before, during and after the webinar. This includes a narrative that highlights key performance indicators such as how many people attended, how long they were on line, responses from polls and surveys, as well as live questions asked.
  • We then debrief with you to review and benchmark how your webinar performed to others we’ve done so that you’ll be able to convert this information into actionable sales or nurturing follow up.
  • For the first four weeks post webinar, you’ll also be provided with weekly reports on all On Demand Viewings that will identify which are fresh new sales leads, who attended and wanted to review the webinar again, as well as those that weren’t able to attend live but wanted to view the recording.

What Sets Us Apart: Our Unique Use of Actionable Metrics Improve Webinar Success Rates

It’s been said that what gets measured gets acted upon. The use of key email and webinar metrics is a critical success factor to help predict and benchmark webinar outcomes. These insights provide visibility to understand how to segment attendees into those who are sales ready from those that need more nurturing, as well as disqualify those that just aren’t a good fit.

From our first webinar, we discovered that no one else in our industry was embracing or using webinar metrics, so we took it upon ourselves to collect raw data during the entire webinar life-cycle.  What we observed were some very interesting trends and ratios that we could correlate to optimize and improve webinar success.  This set us apart.  Not only did we develop a proven system for tracking these important metrics, but we also found creative ways to help our clients better understand and qualify attendees before, during and after the webinar.  We’ve even taken this a step further with some clients by being able to measure their audiences intent and interest to acquire new products and services as a result of attending the webinar!

When you partner with us to produce your next webinar, you’ll receive a detailed set of analytics and narrative to help you start a more intelligent and meaningful conversation with your attendees so they can become your customers.

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For a data-driven approach that uses proven metrics—not theory—get started by downloading our services brochure and scheduling a 30 minute complimentary introductory meeting with our co-founder and executive webinar producer, Mike Agron.

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